Combining Three Companies Under One Umbrella

Rebrand / Website Development

SW Group new website design on laptop screen

Project Overview

Having a strong brand and continuity between multiple businesses under the same ownership is really important. SWST came to us with 3 businesses that all had different identities that they wanted to pull together to create a logo and brand family so that their customers would recognise their brand and allow them to cross-sell between businesses more easily.

SW Group new logo design on business cards

SW Group branding on ink bottles

SW Group new logo design on shirt

The Outcome

Firstly we created them a logo family so that all the businesses were linked together. The businesses all have different customer bases so we created a logo that would work for all businesses with a colour change for each one to identify the individual company. Then we used the new branding to design a website for each business so that they all look consistent and linked together through their shared style.

SW Group branding and new logo design on stationary


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