Joel’s story, a very familiar story, getting the best jobs for my business

Hi, my name’s Joel and I have run for many years a successful construction business in the south of the UK. Most of my time is moving between sites managing my teams to make sure projects are on time, on budget and most importantly the very best quality of work. As you can imagine my most precious resource is time, and I don’t like wasting it! Like everyone in recent months, my van fuel costs have sored along with all my other costs.


After a hard day on site my afternoons and evening are all tied up with emails and messages. This is typically when I see new prospect enquiries, emails which have landed in my inbox with varying degrees of information, all giving lots of information about what they want, but never enough to create a quote. I know I must visit the site, meet the client, and tour the site. I am sure most of you would agree this is one of the most challenging parts of running your own construction company, needing to get the best, most valuable work.


I always respond to these emails and call back the voice mails to discuss more about the project. During these calls I am trying to work out if the work is right for our business, trying to probe out the details of the project. Inevitably I agree to do a site visit to help build a full picture of the project and asses the value. Whilst I never resent visiting any new client, if the work is unlikely to come off or is not the kind of project we would normally work on, I get frustrated feeling like I am wasting my time and money.

Want to see how my story end!


I knew I needed to find a way to reduce the number of site visits where the projects did not fit the profile of our typical job. Something to help me find the real nuggets, the most valuable work for our business, but I had no idea where to start.

“Let’s do a Google search” was my first thought, however after trawling through loads of different sites and products I could not find anything that felt right, frustrating right. This is when I realised I needed to talk to someone, an expert.

As part of a local business networking group, I have access to lots of experts including a local software development company. I was due to have a ‘one to one’ and arranged to meet with Bart after one of the weekly meetings.

Want to see how my story end!




Bart sat patiently sipping his water, making notes and listening as I rambled on about my frustrations, all my challenges and emotions getting mixed up into a rant. Reciting technical blurb I read on the numerous website I had visit weeks before, trying to sound knowledgeable.

Eventually I ran out of steam, Bart took a moment and then looked up and started to review what I had said. Reordering my words into a logical flow of events, removing anything technical and focusing purely on my business objectives and the challenges specifically related to achieving these goals.

It was at this point I knew Bart was my best chance of getting what I needed and we agreed to a second meeting where we could discuss in more detail how to achieve my objectives.

Want to see how my story end!


It was clear that Bart had done further research prior to our second meeting. Bart reviewed our previous conversation and carefully checked if anything was missing from his summary.

“I think I have the perfect solution” he said calmly, he then started to describe a product which his team had developed “Quick Quotes”, which addressed many but not all my requirements. Bart explained that with a modest investment from me he could customise the “Quick Quotes” application adding in the additional fields and features to fully fit the specification we had defined.

I agreed to the proposal presented by Digital Trading and within a few weeks I had the application running from my own website.

It was a game changer from the start and I would encourage anyone looking for an easy to use prequalification quote tool, look no further, it is perfect for the job. The out of the box “Quick Quotes” tool could work for you or if like me you want it perfect, speak to Bart and his team, they aspire to making their software work for you and your business perfectly.

If you are looking to get your weekends and evenings back then talk to us and take a look at the Quick Quotes tool.



HR Hislop, 2022

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