Revolutionising Business Operations: The Power of Software Automation

“I have so much work to do, but my time is being filled up with admin, chasing and data entry.”

If you’ve felt like this then it’s a sure sign that your business will benefit from some form of automation. In today’s business environment it is essential that we keep consistent records, update our CRM’s, financial software, or spreadsheets but time is money and these tasks can take a unproportionate amount of your time to achieve. We need to chase people, send templated emails, and check up on KPI.

All these tasks while needed for an effectively run business are time consuming, prone to human error, can easily get missed and constrain your work pipeline by getting in the way of productivity. These tasks could also get in the way of your business growth, imagine how many more times you would need to do these if your business grew. Automation can be the key to unlocking your time and efficiency.


Automation in a nutshell

Software Automation means getting software to do those important but non-urgent tasks for you, releasing your time to do more important and urgent jobs. Most systems now give you the ability to access their systems through an API (Application Programming Interface) which gives software the power to automatically do some of the tasks that you would. Allowing you to continue utilizing speciality software while removing some of the more repetitive actions involved in using them.

For example, below is a simplified workflow which gets order data from Shopify and moves into Xero accounting software automatically.

Automation Workflow

This workflow means less time having someone hand type the data into Xero and ensures that here are no mistypes or spelling mistakes that can be brought on by human-error. Since it runs on every order you don’t need to worry about any orders going missing or inconstant data entry.


What automation can do for you

Automation can do several things for you, think of some of the important but non-urgent tasks that you are required to do on a daily or weekly basis that are time-consuming or get in the way of your day-to-day work and most likely those things can be automated.

Some examples are below:

  • Customer Relationship Management, get your contacts automatically sent to your CRM system from your contact forms, e-commerce, and other systems.
  • Manage client onboarding, having data entered once into one system and then propagated to all other systems that you use automatically.
  • Automatically create invoices from orders
  • Send emails, including onboarding, payment requests or chase up emails.
  • Marketing campaigns, schedule social media posts, email campaigns or follow ups from your CRM system.
  • Managed service clients work and accounts tracking automatically.



Software automation is a tool that can be developed to support your business by doing all the tasks that can get in the way of your day-to-day business and help save you time. Automation can make your business more efficient by removing points of human error or forgetfulness and ensure the data you need is always available and up to date.

Give us a call to discuss your automation needs. At Digital Trading we can seamlessly integrate software to ensure that you can automate tasks with confidence, and free your time to ensure your business can grow.

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