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Project Overview:

Commercial Bird Control (CBC), a leading expert in bird control across the UK, has been successfully securing numerous projects with their tried and tested quoting process. Their comprehensive quotes enable potential customers to make informed decisions easily.

CBC's current method of generating quotes through email and document templates is time-consuming and needs a centralised approach. To overcome these challenges and create a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with CBC's unique quoting process, they turned to us.

“Bart and his team have been amazing. They understood our specific needs and took time to understand our business which really helped. His ideas and ways to work around certain elements is fantastic and has resulted in a software completely bespoke and perfect for our needs.”

Joe Trotman, MD Commercial Bird Control

Our Solution

Thanks to the custom quoting and feedback application, CBC now enjoys a standardized and efficient approach to interacting with customers, regardless of the manager in charge of a particular job. This uniformity facilitates seamless job coverage during holidays, as well as easy access to all agreements and feedback within the tool. The negotiation process becomes more transparent and well-documented, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

With CBC experiencing rapid growth and recruiting new team members, the application proves invaluable in quickly familiarizing them with the refined quoting process. Its intuitive interface significantly reduces training time and the required skill level for new hires.

The developed system yields substantial time savings, shaving off several hours per quote, which quickly recoups the initial development investment. As a result, CBC can now handle more business with the same workforce, further enhancing their market position and profitability.


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