We are an international award winning website design agency, and websites is where it all started! Your website design will deliver the first impressions to a potential customer about your brand or business and they will form an opinion on you based on what they see. With support from our team you can be sure that this first impression makes a real impact!

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Why you need a strong website design

Any great website begins with great design, before we begin coding we need to understand your audience, current challenges and the objective of your new site. Your business needs a strong website which showcases your services or products to existing and potential customers. We don’t use templates, all of our website designs are completely bespoke created by our in-house team of graphic designers, we will create the site you actually need – all while being beautifully designed, user friendly and of course, responsive so it communicates clearly on all devices.

The team have been leading the way in web design over many years and have a wealth of experience in using various content management systems as well as building bespoke systems for more complex projects. We can build on the platform you are most comfortable with, whether that’s Wordpress or our personal favourite, DNN. Your website needs to work for you.

We would love to talk to you about your website project, why not take the first step with a discovery call to our team.


"The team at Digital Trading have done an amazing job making our new website! They were responsive, had a lot of creative input and really good turnaround times. Thank you - we're very pleased!"

Dr George Frodsham, MediSieve

Just Some Of Our Recent Website Design Work

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Step 1

Firstly, we listen to our clients to understand fully what you do now, how you have achieved this, the objectives you are now setting, the opportunities you are seeking and the challenges you need to overcome to reach your goals. We will ask many questions about your current website design and online presence and how this integrates with your other marketing, communication and internal systems and processes. We will discuss the audience you are trying to reach and how they will engage with you through your web design and understand the value your brand can bring to them, whilst also considering other organisations who may be trying to compete in a similar space.


We will then take a little step back to consider what we have learned and what value Digital Trading in Swindon can bring to our client by taking up the opportunity to work together on a website development project which then leads to the next steps, which can alternate depending on what our client needs.

Step 2 (b)

Sometimes the functional and operational process elements of a website development project may be the priority for our client which can result in this step preceding our creative wed design and require our developer and software development engineers to lead the project. They will similarly assess the objectives and challenges of the project and design a prototype solution for the website and software which will be presented to our client as an interactive wireframe and associated process document to demonstrate how the user will engage with our client and navigate a journey through a mobile first website. The wireframe will clearly show how the navigation will work, how the elements and pages of the website design will be connected to each other, and how the web design can integrate with other software systems and activities of the client.


Once we have agreed the wireframe with our client, this will define the site map for a website design which will identify the key elements required including navigation, user journeys, content placement, calls to action and interactive features. To reflect the need for mobile first responsive designed websites, we may need to create alternative wireframes for these devices to ensure the user experience and journey is equally as engaging and interactive.

Step 3

Our Swindon web developers and engineers will now step in to build the website design and software using either an integrated content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, DotNetNuke or a CMS preferred by our client, or we will create a custom build if required. This build will be securely staged on one of our web development servers, accessible only to our team and client until the finished product is ready to enter the public domain. We will design the project to integrate with any other systems and plugins required by our client in an efficient, secure, resilient and dynamic way to ensure that the web design project has the potential for further development over time.


We will work closely with our client through this step to enable them to understand and test functionality and design as stages are completed in the process, which will also be of benefit when we later train our client to use and update the website design with new content.


Our Swindon creative design team will also be working with the client at this stage to agree and upload content which will optimise search engine optimisation (SEO) and ensure that the brand guidelines flow naturally are evident and reflected throughout the website design.


We will demonstrate to our client how responsive the web design and CMS will be for the user across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, whilst also providing the best security against unwanted threats.

Step 4

At this stage we now have a finished website design, which we will have fully tested across a range of browsers and devices but will also encourage our client to test the website design to ensure it has achieved the original objectives.


We will fully train our client to ensure that they are easily able to use the website and any built in performance and measurement tools such as Google Analytics.


Once we have agreed with the client that the product is ready to launch, a specific day and time will be chosen to take over from an obsolete website or align to another activity scheduled by the client.


Our Swindon website support team always provide a period of early-life website support for our client after launch to ensure everything is operating as required, and this can be extended with a range of ongoing web services including website hosting, maintenance and support contracts from our Swindon web design team for the life of a product to ensure that we are here to help at anytime.